Our Steps For Reporting Success  

We work very hard to provide paths for every client to have a great service experience. That starts with upfront communication about package options and minimum data requirements.

New users follow prompts to move through the steps of a customized online software. Every client ultimately finishes with completed 1094 & 1095 forms and successful electronic transmission of company information to the IRS.

Help From ACA Reporting Experts

Our team is readily available to address questions in preparing for your 1095 reporting. We help employers define their needs and match them to a recommended service level.

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Customer On-boarding

New and returning customers are welcomed with an account activation email. Users navigate the platform from a customized dashboard by following steps and system notifications. Color coded indicators are assigned a PROCESSING, PENDING or COMPLETED status as users complete each phase.

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Gather Company Data

The required information serves to populate Form 1094 and provide benefit plan details used in calculating proper codes for the employee Form 1095. Resources are available outlining minimum data requirements for this section.

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Supply Employee Data

Quality reporting starts here.  Customers are provided a data template outlining the type of information required from two employee reports listed below. Our minimum data requirements combined with system algorithms serve to populate the Form 1095 for each employee.

  1. Payroll Census
  2. Medical Plan Enrollment Census
Data Template View Data Requirements

1094 & 1095 Forms

Hooray! Everyone loves to get perfectly packaged digital forms! Users click REQUEST and our system moves into a PROCESSING stage creating codes and populating the forms. Email alerts then notify users when forms are ready for REVIEW by downloading a set of pdfs.

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Approve For Distribution

Once everything has been reviewed, users are prompted to APPROVE the applicable version of forms by completing a simple digital sign-off. Continuing in the user experience is the option to select our Print & Mail service that fulfills the requirement for employers to distribute forms to employees.

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Approve For IRS Filing

The final step for success is granting approval for our team to transmit the form data to the IRS. This is the celebration phase where customers do the victory dance signifying the job is nearly done. The system dashboard will display the E-File status and users have an opportunity to make corrections if TIN errors are present.

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